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About the Clocks for Sale:

  • "The clocks which are presented for sale are all in fully conserved condition."
  • "The case work has been done to comply to the AIC (American Institute for Conservation)standards by an outstanding wooden objects conservator. Glues and finishes, where necessary, are custom compounded for formulations appropriate to the period of the clock. Replacement parts are accurately produced to maintain historical accuracy."
  • "In addition, the mechanisms have been serviced by an experienced professional and are in excellent runing condition. Clocks come with a return privelege"
  • "The availability of quality Vienna Regulator clocks is rapidly diminishing, so now is the time to purchase one of our display quality clocks for your home or office."

Victor Kochaver

Call Victor to talk about clocks and books for sale.

Victor 763 383 0130

If you are interested in purchasing any of these clocks, or have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email us at:

*Phone #: 763.383.0130
Email : info@viennaregulators.net

*Note: when calling from out of the United States use U.S. prefix code 011 before the number.

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